A Maestro means one who combines unique musicianship and immense virtuosity. Master U.Shrinivas has proved that he fulfils this to the hilt. A rather inconspicuous member of the western orchestra, Shrinivas has revived and raised the mandolin, an unknown instrument and given it a respectable status in classical music. His music acumen has assumed many dimensions. He glides over the gamut with ease traversing 4 octaves with subtle deflections and suave certainty. Every phrase, every design falls into place in the octaval build up of the raga...

The Maestro

Normally one finds two variations in the original form of the mandolin - the acoustic and the electric (solid block).

he mandolin in its original form is typically an acoustic stringed instrument about 60cm (2 ft) long with deeply vaulted ribs and a table slanted downward at the lower end. It has a neck-cum-peghead attached to a hollow oval shaped sound box. It has four pairs of loop-ended double rib fastened metal strings secured to hooks on the body on one end, and passed across a low bridge (on the sound box) and a nut (on the finger board) to the pegs inserted into a rectangular peg-box.

The Star is Born
Reviews & Recognitions
The Mandolin is essentially a staccato instrument, totally devoid of gamakka. That makes it almost alien to Carnatic needs. But that is all forgotten once you listen to Mandolin U. Shrinivas. What remains in the mind is music of the finest vintage...
Ghananjani concert by Mandolin Srinivas, Zakir Hussain, Stephen Devassey and Dominque Di Piazza for Shakti Foundation. ...

U. Srinivas songs to download as well as compilations such as greatest
its and rare classic albums.

01. Gamanashrama (Mandolin)
02. Mandolin Magic
03. Classical Indian Collection
04. Modern Mandolin and more
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A worldwide concert tour
At the West Berlin Jazz Festival in 1983, he was privileged to give a repeat performance of his mandolin, which was telecast live by German TV. At the invitation of the Sydney Tamil Sangham, he went to Australia in 1984, and then to South East and South West Asia, the USA and Canada...